Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Films that shape our society

The culture of Disney movies has been somewhat distant to me because I was not introduced to them until later on in life.  These films did not play a big role in my life.   As an adult I learned to like them and appreciate some of the messages that are conveyed in them, however I am not a big fan of the princess stories.  I believe that these movies instill the notion of relying on a prince to be happy and complete.  The role of a woman is always opaque by the strength of the prince who is the hero.  Although some recent films are beginning to change this notion, the seed has been planted.  It will probably take a long time to re-shape the way our society thinks and feels about Disney films.  
As a child I was introduced to different stories like “Juan Bobo” where "Bobo" implies stupidity or oaf-like behavior, the ostensible naivet√© of Juan Bobo points to a hidden virtue or helpful way to approach life.  There are no princesses involved and the themes are always positive ways to help others.
Since re-locating to the U.S., I have become familiar with Disney films and share them with my own kids.  I have to admit that I am not a fan of the princess stories but my daughter enjoys them. 
After watching Brave, I have a different perspective about the films that our children are being exposed to.  I really enjoyed watching a film that actually portrays a different role of a woman.  In this film the female role is respected.  The main characters are brave woman who stand up for they believe in.  They unite to overcome the barriers that separate them at the beginning of the story and challenge traditions to make changes in their community. 


  1. Dalila - I think your cross-cultural perspective is really interesting. Rather than just compare American representations of race, class, and gender, more depth could be explored by comparing myths with myths from other cultures. I want to look more into Juan Bobo!

  2. Dalila, it is interesting to hear your perspective on Disney movies since you were not introduced to them as a child. It is great that the shows you did watch taught a lesson about life. It seems that Disney movies are taking a turn to reduce stereotypes with the new movies they have released such as Brave and Frozen.