Monday, June 29, 2015

Prensky and Wesch

I don't think that the positions of Boyd, Prensky and Wesch are divergent.  They just present the information in a different manner.  According to Mike Wesch, computers need humans to be able to function.  Our input is crucial in organizing, connecting  and sharing with others.  In fact, we are the ones who have the ability to collaborate ideas that are later expanded on.  Unfortunately, our children are not equipped with the tools necessary to navigate the Internet adequately.  Teachers, like myself, need to develop their own technical competencies to be able to support their students.  The fact that our teens were born in a technology oriented environment does not make them "Digital Natives" They may be able to navigate a computer in faster ways because they are familiar with some search engines and have been exposed to digital artifacts since they were very young,  but the key is to be able to evaluate he information they encounter with critical thinking lenses.  They need be able to analyze and  filter out unnecessary information.
As I reflect on my own pedagogical and technological experiences, I am guilty of asking my students to avoid Wikipedia not realizing that students can benefit from analyzing information and utilizing existing media  to gain more knowledge and evaluate information independently.
I still need to become familiar with "digital native" terminology in order to provide my students with appropriate digital language.  Our role as educators is to stay up to date with new technologies in order to support our students in navigating the exiting world wide web.
I really enjoyed the videos!
Remember, we need to be able to know, not be knowledgeable.  

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